SmartLipo Finally A Solution for Stubborn Fat


Dr Zadeh performs SmartLipo for patients in Calexico, Imperial Valley or Mexicali.

What is this SmartLipo anyways and how does it compare to traditional liposuction?

It seems like everyone is looking for a magic way to get rid of stubborn fat. Most experts will recommend diet and excise as the  “healthy” way to lose weight. The thing they won’t tell you is that depending on your genetics and body type, there are certain areas of the body that may not respond to diet and exercise alone.

For people who aspire to having a perfectly toned Hollywood figure this realization can come as a huge disappointment.

Unfortunately, this is especially true for women who have had children. Even when you are working hard with a healthy diet and exercise regime, body type and genetics don’t always allow you to return to your post baby body. For many this can be frustrating and difficult to realize.

Up until recently the only way to overcome your body’s natural make-up and genetics to get rid of this stubborn fat was with liposuction.

Traditional liposuction involves an invasive surgery that sometimes comes with some unfortunate side effects. For many people the risks associated with this surgery outweigh the benefits.


If you are an individual who is concerned about the dangers of traditional liposuction but want to remove certain areas of stubborn fat on the body, there is finally an excellent alternative.

Recently, an innovative new cosmetic procedure called SmartLipo has become available.

SmartLipo is a more modern version of traditional liposuction that has fewer side effects and it still works just was well. With SmartLipo the fat cells are broken down using a laser. This process is much less damaging and comes with a shorter recovery period. Throughout the United States SmartLipo has been replacing liposuction at an astonishing rate.

Some of the benefits of the new SmartLipo include:

Precision Spot Reduction
Unlike, with diet and exercise patient can choose what areas to reduce.
Shorter Recovery Time
Some people have been calling SmartLipo “lunch hour lipo”. This title is somewhat misleading because there is still a two day recovery period for patients who have SmartLipo performed on them. However, the recovery period and discomfort following the procedure is dramatically less than with traditional liposuction.
Is A Fast Procedure
Another reason why this process has become known as “lunch hour lipo” is because it can be done in under 45 minutes.
Increased Collagen Production
One of the other things that makes SmartLipo tremendously better is the laser itself. The laser technology used to perform SmartLipo has been designed to stimulate collagen production in the body. Collagen is the important protein that gives skin the ability to heal and tighten. This feature is one of the main reasons why SmartLipo is quickly become a favoured choice over regular liposuction.
Anyone who is considering Liposuction should consider SmartLipo as a plausible alternative. When diet and exercise just aren’t working SmartLipo can be a great way to achieve your body goals. For new moms, SmartLipo has become a popular choice to help reduce areas that have been affected by pregnancy. Most people who have SmartLipo done are pleased with the results and experience very little side effects.

For individuals located in Calexico, Imperial Valley or Mexicali – Dr Zadeh is currently booking SmartLipo procedures.

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