SmartLipo Mexicali – Things to Know After Pregnancy

SmartLipo after pregnancy can help remove stubborn baby weight but…

Essentially SmartLipo is liposuction with a laser that melts fat cells and stimulates collagen production to tone problem areas. SmartLipo carries much fewer risks than conventional liposuction. It is ideal for women who are already managing their weight with diet and exercise but who are having a hard time removing stubborn fat.

Following pregnancy many women may consider SmartLipo as a solution to help them return their stomach “back to normal”. To be quite honest, SmartLipo will not return your figure back to its post-baby condition. There is a lot of misinformation out there claiming that SmartLipo is a post-baby miracle worker. This is not really the case. It is important for new moms in Mexicali to understand that SmartLipo can help with certain trouble areas but cannot completely restore your body.

In fact, for women who have recently gave birth the best immediate solution is exercise and diet. You should not make plans to have SmartLipo performed for at least a year after giving birth.

The body takes a while to bounce back naturally after having a baby. It is wise to give yourself time to see what happens first. If you make an effort to lose the baby weight and eat healthy you will see results faster. After 9 months you may wish to speak with a Mexicali plastic surgeon about booking an appointment for SmartLipo for the areas that are not responding.

Another thing that is important for women in Mexicali to know about SmartLipo is that it removes the fat but cannot completely restore the skin’s condition. Depending on your genetic makeup and skin elasticity you may still require other procedures to completely tone and restore the skin. SmartLipo lasers do help speed up the recovery process by stimulating collagen production. However, there is only so much that can be done to improve the firmness of the skin.

SmartLipo a year after having a baby can be an excellent way to restore your confidence and remove stubborn fat. However, it is unrealistic to think that SmartLipo alone can completely remove all evidence of pregnancy. Take comfort in knowing that you are a warrior for giving birth and carrying a child. Don’t rule out SmartLipo as a way to help improve your figure but also it is important to be realistic and understand that it is natural for bodies to change after giving birth.