Smart Liposuction Facts Imperial Valley

Located in Imperial Valley? Before you get Smart Liposuction here are a few things that you need to know.

Smart Lipo is the name for a type of liposuction weight loss surgery that uses laser technology to break up fat cells. When you have smart liposuction done the process also helps to tighten the skin and encourage collagen production. Unlike other liposuction surgeries, this procedure is much less invasive. However, there are still some important things that you should know before you decide to make an appointment for Smart Liposuction.

Things to know before you have Smart Liposuction in Imperial Valley


Smart Liposuction is a procedure that is performed under your skin. It helps to break down the fat cells in the body’s problem areas. Because it is still surgery there may be some scarring afterward in the incision area. The extent of scarring can vary from individual to individual.

Permanent fat removal

If you invest in Smart Liposuction the fat removal should be permanent. This is dependent on whether or not the patient maintains their weight and does not become pregnant.

Approved by the FDA

Smart Liposuction is 100% approved by the FDA. However, patients should only have Smart Lipo performed by board certified surgeons.

Smart Liposuction After Baby

Women who have recently given birth often opt for Smart Lipo as a way to help speed up the process of losing the baby weight. Smart Liposuction can also be helpful for moms following a post pregnancy weight loss to take care of the more stubborn fat cells. It is recommended that new moms wait at least 6 months before inquiring about Smart Lipo. After having a baby you should give your body time to recover and lose some of the extra fat naturally.

Anyone in Imperial Valley who is thinking about having liposuction done should have a consultation with their doctor first.

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