Smart liposuction Brawley, CA – 5 most commonly asked questions

Smart liposuction or more commonly known as SmartLipo is considered to be a revolutionary version of the usual surgical procedure. The procedure should only be done by licensed medical professionals. The process involves removing fat with the aid of a laser. The use of a laser is the reason why it is considered to be less invasive — fewer side effects.

Is SmartLipo the way to go?

Here are the five most commonly asked questions about smart liposuction in Brawley, CA:

  • How much does the procedure cost? Treatment can start at around USD 1400 per area. The procedure generally costs less than the conventional liposuction since it can be performed onsite and with less anesthesia. Of course, prices vary depending on the size of the target area and the complexity of the procedure.
  • What type of anesthesia is used? With smart liposuction, a local anesthesia is administered. This is to hasten the recovery process and to avoid the associated risk of general anesthesia.
  • Who are good candidates? The answer on whether or not one is a good candidate for smart liposuction depends on the result of the consultation done by a surgeon – it is based on one’s unique condition. Generally anyone can be a good candidate for as long as there is no medical issues.
  • How about the recovery period? As everyone is unique, the recovery period may vary. The smaller the area, the faster the recovery. In general, patients are recommended to wear a special compression garment for about three weeks after the surgery
  • Will the procedure results last? Smart liposuction removes the fat cells permanently from the body. It is important to note that to maintain the after-lipo result, one should embrace an active and healthy lifestyle – it’s all about establishing an overall health and wellness.

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