Meet Us

Dr. Zadeh and company provides full-spectrum obstetric and gynecologic health care for women in addition to highly effective cosmetic surgery in Smartlipo, a laser liposuction alternative and Botox. We have over 40 years of combined experience in the medical industry, providing top quality medical service for clients in Imperial, CA and its surrounding areas. Our success in the industry is fueled by our great desire to help women who come into our medical office seeking help get the medical service that every woman deserves. We are guided by the following:

Our Values

  • Respect is one of our core values. We respect you and thus, we honor our commitment with you as your healthcare provider; we respect your privacy so rest assured that your medical information are not shared to anybody else.
  • We appreciate every opportunity to help; every time you visit our office to seek for a medical service, we treat it as if we are journeying together - our team and you - for your better self
  • We understand your needs, and accept and celebrate your individuality as we recognize uniqueness of everyone
  • We offer exceptional service at any moment - top quality service from proven reputable and experts in the medical industry
  • We talk to you the way you understand; you get a medical service that is tailored to your unique condition and we convey the message without the complexity of medical terms.

Dr. Zadeh as a trusted medical provider

With the expertise of our team and with the most advanced medical technologies we use, we are able to give you a thorough medical examination and assist/guide you in taking the necessary course of action based on the results.

Our Purpose

  • We help you to thrive
  • We guide you to take charge of your health
  • We encourage you to take the initiative for you to achieve the healthier you.

Dr. Zadeh has been established to provide top quality obstetrics and gynecologic health care services, cosmetic additions, help you manage your medical condition, and review your options to achieve better health. For inquiries and scheduled consultations, contact us (760) 550-6327