Here’s what you need to know about laser lipo and liposuction in Imperial, CA

Laser lipo and liposuction in Imperial, CA are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures to both local and visiting clients in the area. While both are an effective ways to get rid of stubborn fats, there are some key differences that every prospective patient should know in order to determine which between the two is the right fit for you.

Laser lipo and liposuction in Imperial, CA – key differences:

Technique/process – Liposuction also known as traditional liposuction utilizes a cannula and physical manipulation in order to remove the unwanted fats from beneath the skin; it uses general anesthesia. On the other hand, laser lipo, which is also known as SmartLipo, uses laser heat to soften or liquefy the unwanted fats, which makes it easier to remove with the cannula. This procedure typically results in less bruising for the patients, which makes it considered less invasive, hence the use local anesthesia.

Difference in results – Again, while both are effective in removing excess fats, the glaring difference in results can be noticed in skin tightening issue. Traditional liposuction is not considered to provide benefit when it comes to skin tightening; a patient that undergoes this procedure might experience skin dimpling or skin sagging as a result. With such issue, laser lipo becomes more advantageous since it is known to give the added benefit of skin tightening.

Difference in recovery – Patients who undergo traditional liposuction need a longer time for recovery as well as the use of compression garments (post-surgical garments are used for skin to heal and skin tissue to bounce back fast). On the other hand, laser lipo provides a faster recovery for patients; they can fully recover in a couple of days, and, usually, it takes only a week for the need of compression garments.

Other thing to note

It is important to highlight the fact that not all unwanted fats can be best addressed with laser lipo. There are other patients that might best treated with the traditional liposuction. It really depends on the patient’s unique condition, based on the surgeon’s evaluations. Whether a patient’s need a laser lipo or liposuction, it is always a wise decision to have the procedure facilitated by a proven reputable surgeon who is a proven expert in both laser lipo and liposuction in Imperial, CA

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