Considering plastic surgery in Mexicali, MX

If plastic surgery is one of the items on your bucket list these days, than one important thing that you will decide upon is which clinic to go. There are lots of providers around that offer plastic surgery in Mexicali, MX and they are giving the same promises, marketing pitches – that you will get the best result – the most affordable in town, etc. Which one to choose?

If you are from Imperial, CA or from neighboring areas, you might be interested with the services provided by ZADEH Cosmetics | OBGYN. Alternatively, you can also choose to have plastic surgery in Mexicali, MX as we have a satellite clinic there.

Speaking of plastic surgery in Mexicali, MX there are a number of reasons to onsider undergoing the procedure in the city, and some of these are the following:

  • Cheaper alternatives – This is one of the main reasons why the number of medical tourists from the US who are visiting Mexicali for cosmetic procedures is growing more and more. Why not? US medical services are one of the most expensive in the world and going to Mexicali where they can save as much as 50% from the US cost is a good alternative.
  • Closed proximity to the US – Travelling to Mexicali is relatively easy for US medical tourists particularly those who are coming from the West Coasts, including California. The local government in the city is very supportive. In fact, they have established a special lane to allow medical tourists to bypass most of the wait on the Mexican side of the border, allowing medical tourists to avoid a waiting period that usually takes as long as three hours.
  • Vacationing opportunity – Hitting two birds with one stone is what they often say when having a plastic surgery in Mexicali, MX. Since this occasion also gives clients the opportunity to enjoy beautiful spots that the city can offer. It is popular for its natural and historical attractions, including the Guadalupe Canyon and the University Museum.

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