Body Sculpting El Centro CA

What do you need to know about body sculpting in El Centro CA

Would you like to eliminate stubborn fat basically overnight?

Many people who subscribe to a healthy diet and regular exercise still have a difficult time removing fat in certain trouble areas. When it comes to achieving your ideal body goals sometimes working out and eating right just aren’t enough. For whatever reason there are places on everyone’s body that cling to fat are difficult to reduce. Women who have recently lost their baby weight may also have a hard time “getting their body back” despite their best efforts.

This can be extremely frustrating when trying to lose those last 5 pounds or reduce the midsection. Traditional liposuction may be an option but it comes with many risks and concerns.

SmartLipo Triplex Body Sculpting is one solution that can help people improve their silhouette and their problem areas, without having a full-scale surgical procedure.

SmartLipo is a laser liposuction procedure that is minimally invasive and has a much briefer recovery time than traditional liposuction.

SmartLipo body sculpting, laser contouring is an excellent option for anyone who is already in good shape but is struggling to reduce in certain areas.

It is not recommended for people who are extremely overweight.

About Laser Lipolysis Body Sculpting in El Centro CA

Patients in EL Centro CA can make an appointment with Dr. Zadeh to learn about the benefits of Laser Lipolysis Body Sculpting.

SmartLipo Triplex is one of the market standards for laser lipolysis.

It can be performed in various wavelengths for optimal results.

When Dr. Zadeh performs Laser Lipolysis body sculpting on patients he customizes the wavelengths to assure that the best results are achieved.

This process also guarantees that

  • Tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation
  • Reliable, controlled energy delivery
  • Reduced liposuction procedure time and patient downtime
  • Less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction
  • High-definition body sculpting capabilities

If you have been working out and have been unable to see results in certain areas of your body, body sculpting may be an excellent option for you.

Having body sculpting performed is an excellent way to achieve a more toned silhouette without having to take extreme measures.

When performed by an experienced technician body sculpting, Smartlipo triplex laser lipolysis is absolutely safe.

To find out more about the body sculpting process in El Centro CA contact the Office of Dr. Zadeh today to book a full consultation.