“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Definitely, the great Chinese philosopher Confucius knows that beauty is in everything and certainly in every woman who walked the earth. But the problem there is that not everyone can see and appreciate that beauty and for a woman to fail to see her very own beauty or see it diminishing is a tragedy. Many women go through the hardships of exercise and the trouble of weight loss diets and still remain unsuccessful in getting rid of that fat in the areas we can’t wait to say goodbye to. Time also is no friend to beauty for most of us and much as we would like to suspend our youthfulness, we are powerless to the signs of aging. But also as time progresses, uncovering and restoring beauty have been getting much research and exploration. Getting that beauty out in the open is now achievable through many procedures of plastic surgery and many body sculpting techniques. One popular and safe way of eliminating fat and achieve aesthetic body contours is the liposuction; and it has develop into several procedures such as the Laser lipo or also known as the Smartlipo. However, the big questions are: where should you go and who should you trust with these delicate procedures on your body. We at Dr. Zadeh Cosmetics understand this distress and would like to alleviate that with the use of the latest technology and grant the right to make every woman to feel and look beautiful at any stage of their life. Zadeh Cosmetics is an expanding medical practice that provides full-spectrum cosmetic surgery for women. It is our aim to provide the best service for your cosmetic surgery needs.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Dr. Zadeh:

  • We specialize in Smartlipo Triplex and Botox Cosmetics
    Zadeh Cosmetics specializes in a liposuction procedure called Smartlipo Triplex. This procedure uses laser energy to treat areas of excess fat and improve contours. Smartlipo Triplex is the market standard in laser lipolysis which is quite popular compared to other procedures since it is safe, minimally invasive and patients experience quicker healing and less recovery time. It is a great option for many who want lower face and neck revitalization without the hassles of a face lift. One short treatment session usually does the job for most patients. Botox Cosmetics also yields fast results and quick recovery time. It will help erase your wrinkles away. It doesn’t only just get rid of those nasty creases but Botox also helps in reducing migraines, hyperhidrosis, relieving joint pains and allergies.
  • We utilize cutting-edge surgical techniques
    Zadeh Cosmetics only uses the latest state-of-the-art technologies in every procedure. Because these advancements we use, our patients return home quickly with minimal recovery and pain. Our modern offices use the best electronic health record system and we provide free wifi in our waiting rooms.
  • We have the best professional team of providers
    Dr. Zadeh and the team, which includes one physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner and three medical assistants and a dedicated, caring medical support staff, is leading the way into the future of women’s healthcare while providing a caring and warm environment. Our staff has 46 years of combined medical experience. We will care for you like a family.

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